Give yourself the best Christmas of all…a fresh start. Speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney now to discuss your options!

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Give yourself the best Christmas of all…a fresh start. Speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney now to discuss your options!

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Get Help Filing for Bankruptcy by Contacting a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Houston, TX, or Surrounding Areas

Trying to get out of debt can sometimes be a difficult process. Consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get a fresh start. Gilpin Law Firm can assist clients near Houston, TX area with their bankruptcy-related needs. Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney takes the time to sit down with you, understands your needs, and can provide legal advice based on your situation. We work with honesty and integrity and commit ourselves to assist you from beginning to end.

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Find Out How a Chapter 13 Trustee Can Help You

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a popular option for obtaining debt relief. Unlike chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 allows you to keep many of your assets. However, chapter 13 bankruptcy also takes longer to become debt-free than chapter 7 bankruptcy, and as such, you should consider speaking to an attorney about which is the better option for your situation.

With chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debts will be consolidated. Once your petition is filed, you’ll be protected from any creditors, and, as such, they can no longer attempt to repossess or foreclose on your property. In addition, you should not have to worry about collection letters or calls during this time period. You will create a chapter 13 repayment plan to pay off your debts over the course of several years; at the end of this time period, you will officially be debt-free. Filing for chapter 13 can also help prevent further creditors’ harassment.

A chapter 13 trustee is an individual who controls the assets of a debtor during bankruptcy. The debtor’s property is under the direct control of the court, and it is administered by a trustee who oversees the disbursement of funds to creditors. The court or creditors may have appointed a trustee for their expertise in financial matters. The trustee will make sure that payments are made to creditors and that those payments are made following bankruptcy law.

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Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy can be an excellent way to relieve yourself of the burden of debt. Receive assistance with the actual filing process by contacting a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney near Houston, TX area. Gilpin Law Firm is here to provide you with knowledgeable advice and guidance from beginning to end. We have over 15 years of legal experience and dedicate ourselves to assisting you in any way possible. Consider calling today for your free consultation.

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