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When you fall too far behind on your payments, your creditors may try and take matters into their own hands. This can result in legal action, which can result in serious consequences. If you are being sued by creditors, consider contacting a debt settlement lawyer who can negotiate with them. Gilpin Law Firm is prepared to provide assistance to clients throughout the Houston, TX area; consider calling today to learn more.

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Being sued by creditors can be an incredibly frightening experience. Getting a debt settlement is possible, but you’ll likely want to get in touch with a reliable lawyer. A lawyer can assist you with debt consolidation, including a credit card debt, help you pursue a settlement when you’re facing litigation due to credit card or tax debt, and finally get debt relief.

Our debt relief lawyer is here to provide you with reliable representation from beginning to end. We will negotiate with creditors on your behalf to help you receive a settlement. Our primary goal is to help get a portion of your debt forgiven, which can often be accomplished by creating an agreement where you’ll make partial payments towards your debt. Should you make these payments within a specific time period, part of your debt will be forgiven.

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At Gilpin Law Firm, we understand just how intimidating it can be to face litigation from creditors. That’s why we offer reliable support and representation. Our debt lawyer can provide you with advice on how to proceed, represent your case, and otherwise assist you. We can provide our clients with personalized service at reasonable prices. If you’re searching for a trusted debt lawyer near Houston, TX, then consider calling today.

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